A quick vid from RISE Europe Tour 2010

Written by admin on November 27th, 2010

I got a nice surprise this morning when I checked my emails. The below clip was put together by Mark Wengler from Pool 32 Mag an on-line magazine that originates in Denmark.

Mark made the film clip about his rather interesting journey from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden to see a show of RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival 2010. Normally this would be an easy trip of 50 km over the bridge that now contents the two countries. Except that on the night of the show a massive snow storm was pushing in from the North making the drive a little more tricky.

Anyway its a good bit of fun and check out Mark’s mag there are some stunning photos and interesting content.

RISE – Fly Fishing Film Festival by Pool 32 from Mark Wengler on Vimeo.


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