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The movie “Three Runs” is about the dream of many fly fishermen to catch an Atlantic salmon. Fly fishing’s history grows with each passing day as new species and the techniques to catch them evolve. It is indisputable that its history lies in the pursuit of wild brown trout and Atlantic salmon in the UK. Consequently, no matter where you are from, where you began your fly fishing career or on what species, the desire to understand and catch an Atlantic salmon is always intriguing. Felix Stintzing, Stephan Dombaj of “Fly Fishing Nation” and the rest of the team show in their film that there is hope to catch healthy salmon in an intact ecosystem on the Ponoi River in Russia.

For the film “Andranangoo” by Nick Reygaert, Gin-Clear Media, the Tiwi Islands have served as a venue in Australia. Reygaert accepted the invitation from Guy Reynolds who asked him to help with his social project “The Tiwi Garden Project” at the last RISE. It is now Australia’s largest, sustainable garden. This offers especially the children of Tiwi the possibility of a regulated and healthy way of life, as well as a chance for future work. Nick and his team take over the task of training the junior guides in fly fishing for barra and saratoga, two iconic Australian fish species.

Fly Fishing is serious business!! But where do you draw the line between passion and abnormal ambition? In this satire, a flyfisherman reaches his mental boundaries while looking for his first Marble Trout in Slovenia – outcome unknown! A story about pride, blasphemy and…… beer!

Following the success of Drift, Rise, Connect, and Waypoints comes the fifth project from Confluence, Providence. Filming for this new project took place this fall with the FlyCastaway crew on Providence Atoll in the Seychelles. Confluence’s Jim Klug, Chris Patterson and Colin Witherill, Yellow Dog’s Camille Egdorf, and FlyCastaway’s Gerhard Laubscher and Tim Babich joined forces to film the new movie. This was FlyCastaway’s first trip back to the atoll since the waters were closed to all fishermen and boat access more than six years ago due to the threats and activities of pirates operating out of Somalia. The team chased species including GT’s, bluefin trevally, bumphead parrotfish, bonefish, Indo-Pacific permit, tigerfish, milkfish and much more.